Why does our stomach churn especially when we are tensed

Churning of stomach is a normal physiological mechanism felt especially when we are under stress. The mechanism behind this is basically because of hormones called ‘adrenaline and noradrenaline’ in our body which increase during stress.

They act on various sites producing various responses. In stomach and intestine, these hormones aggravate the tone and motility. This sudden increase in motility causes faster emptying of stomach resulting in the ‘churning effect.’ Other actions of these hormones include: Alteration in the tone of urinary bladder, this is why some children urinate if they get scared; blood supply to the skin decrease, this response is seen especially in soldiers which results in decreased bleeding and pain on the wounded site during an ongoing war; blood to the internal organs increases, heart beats faster and the blood pressure is raised; sweating increases while the saliva production decreases; pupils dilate for brighter and better vision; blood glucose levels elevate.