Why do clothes not get totally dried

Whenever we wash the clothes we use detergents which act as surfactants.The surfactants lower the surface tension of water and emulsifies the dirt, and penetrate the fibres by virtue of wetting property. Hence the inner cores of the fibres get wet sufficiently.

When the machine functions in spin mode, only hydro extraction takes place which brings about 40-60 per cent drynesss.

The textiles will have some special finishes, like ease of ironing or teflon which is hydrophobic and the water is only adsorbed to the surface and does not penetrate. Hence about 60-80 per cent of water is removed during spin mode where as textiles with hydrophilic can be removed only 40-60 per cent.During this process, the surface adsorbed water comes out easily rather than the water absorbed in the core in case of Hydrophilic material. As a result a part of the moisture is retained and hence the fabric/garment washed in washing machine even with spin mode appears wet. Also there is no two way system of exchanging heat/air since the machine functions in a closed condition.