What is ABS Image by Dimitri licensed under CC BY 2.0

This is a term mostly misinterpreted by people, some say its Anti Braking System, Anti Brake-Lock System etc. But really it's called as Anti-Lock Braking System. This is an electronic safety mechanism used in automobiles for braking without causing slip or lose traction and skid. The system mimics the Threshold and Cadence braking methods used by experienced drivers to stop a vehicle with the maximum efficiency and fast without initiating a skid. Nowdays used in commercial vehicles, cars and motorcycle, its like the most basic electronic safety gadget in the vehicle.

A sensor will be connected to each wheel of the vehicle which can sense if the wheel is spinning. This information is passed to a controller which will process the information when the brake is applied. The sensor will be constantly monitoring the rotation of the wheel if the front set of wheels are spinning and the rear wheel is not then the controller will lower the pressure in the rear brake slave cylinder, thus avoiding locking. This is done at high speed thus providing braking but not causing wheel lock. All the brake trigger lines and pressure lines are connected to the ABS controller which then connects to the individual brake lines of the vehicle. The exact algorithm used by the vehicle will be different based on the type and number of wheels. 

This can be a life saver, in an emergency event, the vehicle is traveling at very high speed (say over 100 kph) and if 100% brake is applied without any calculations then the ABS will avoid the skid and could save you from a crash.

ABS system like all safety system is costly, so people generally avoid the ABS version of vehicles (especially in India) they intend to buy, but seriously think everyone is not Valentino Rossi or Schumacher, so why take chances and be safe. Always ride safe.


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