do fish communicate

 Fish use many kinds of communication methods among each other. These include visible, sound, coloration and motion, smell and taste and electrical impulse. The visible forms of fish communication are exhibited through changing their colour and doing dance-like movements. Less visible methods of fish communication are in the form of sending out electrical impulses and releasing chemicals that can be smelled or tasted. The combination of visible and invisible communication makes the interpretation of fish language very complicated.

Many species of fish emit sounds during spawning, breeding and defence. They can be picked up by underwater microphones. Some smaller species of fish emit a constant high-frequency sound which is used to keep schools of fish together. Some of these noises are caused by the movement of spines. Cichlids use coloration and motion as a form of communication. The use of scent as communication has been found in certain members of the catfish family.

Some category of fish with electrical organs can transmit or receive electrical impulses. The electrical impulses are used for social reasons and also for warning trespassers.