Can moles on human body be removed

        A mole refers to a coloured or pigmented portion of the outer layer of skin. A mole, scientifically known as melanocytic nevus or Nevocytic nevus is made up of nevus cellsa type of melanocyte (which are colour producing cells of the skin). A mole can occur either under the skin or may appear in the form of  a pigment growth on the skin. Moles may be present by birth or may appear gradually later in life. Even though new moles can appear on adults, majority of the moles usually appear during the first two decades of a persons life, however moles appearing after age 35 may need medical evaluation. A completely new mole in an adult may be cancerous.
       There are basically three types of moles : regular, irregular, and cancerous. Regular or benign moles are usually symmetrical, have regular borders and uniform colour and are harmless. Irregular or atypical moles are usually irregular, multi-coloured and tend to be bigger than regular moles. Irregular moles in rare cases can turn into cancerous or melanoma. Cancerous moles are highly irregular and have already resulted in cancer.Even though irregular moles can occur in any part of the body, it is usually located on sun exposed regions of the skin.  Regular skin examination by a dermatologist or self-examination is necessary for early detection of such cancerous moles.
        The various causes of development of a mole include genetics and exposure to sunlight. Moles acquired by birth are usually benign moles, which are harmless and do not require treatment. Over exposure to sunlight can cause damage to skin and ultimately lead to the formation of moles. Non-cancerous type of moles do not require removal or treatment but can be removed cosmetically. Clinical analysis of the mole is done by a doctor, who examines the mole under a dermatoscope. If the mole is found to be cancerous, the whole mole is removed along with a bit of normal skin around it and the wound is stitched closed. The formation of moles can be prevented up to a certain limit by wearing sunscreen and limiting exposure to the sun.